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Company Profile: Access Matrix

October 19, 2009 1 comment

Access Matrix Corp. (San Jose, Calif.)
Access Matrix laid claim (questionably) that the Access was the first all-in-one portable, integrating a printer and acoustic coupler into the unit. Unfortunately, more components mean more potential points of failure. Keep this in mind if you come across one of these systems. In 1984, the company changed its name to Actrix Computer Corp. and the name of the computer to Actrix. At the same time it also offered an 8088 coprocessor option so the Actrix could run MS-DOS.

Model: Access Matrix Access (Feb. 1983, transportable)
Original Retail Price: $2,495
Base Configuration: Z80A CPU; CP/M 2.2; 64K RAM; dual 5.25-inch floppy disk drives; integral 7-inch monochrome CRT; keyboard/keypad; two RS-232C, parallel, and IEEE-488 ports; MBASIC or C BASIC; application suite; integral printer and acoustic coupler; leather carrying case
Size/Weight: 16.13 x 10 x 10.75 inches, 33 lbs.
Important Options: 8088 coprocessor with MS-DOS (Actrix), battery pack






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