Claude Kagan’s Burroughs B-205 Lost in Fire

The barn where Claude Kagan founded RESISTORS, one of the first computer clubs, in the 1970s burned to the ground the morning of Dec. 3, 2009.  The barn housed a number of vintage computers including a Symbolics 3670, a number of AT&T 3B2s, and most significantly, a Burroughs B-205 mainframe. According to posts on the Classic Computing mail list, everything is a total loss.

At 85, Claude is one of the few remaining pioneers of the early mainframe era. He created the SAM76 programming language. He was unhurt in the blaze, and his house was untouched.

The 9-ton Burroughs debuted in 1956 and was tube-based.


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  1. I lived with Claude in the mid 80’s while I was a student at Trenton State College. I met Claude most likely in the mid seventy’s when I was working for Interdata/Perkin Elmer in Ocean Port. He helped me rebuild a Model 35 Teletype that was crushed at Interdata when a computer feel over on it, as its leveling legs had not been extended. He also showed me the first working copy of UNIX that I can remember. I have a lot of good memories of Claude an the Barn. I am sorry to see it go.
    C A Harrison

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