Auction Report

An Intel Intellec 4 sold for $2550 on eBay Feb. 28. See listing here.

Rare Atari 2600 Space Invaders customized for a Coca-Cola promotion sold for $2125 on eBay March 6. See listing here.

IMSAI 8080 in good working order sold for $2000 on eBay March 2. See listing here.

MITS Altair 8800B turnkey system sold for $1799 on eBay Feb. 23. See listing here. Includes an 8-inch floppy drive and manuals. Not known if it is working.

Macintosh 128K M0001, very complete and working with tote bag, sold for $1000 on eBay March 5. See listing here.



  1. Franklin Roberts · · Reply

    I have a 1973 4004-based Intellec 4/40, (S.N. 89) in Intel blue that I’m considering selling online. Finding this unit was the classic “’53 Corvette in the barn” scenario. I know that it hasn’t been used since the Intellec 8 came out in late ’73 and I have never so much as plugged it in since acquiring it about ten years ago. It is in great shape, although shotgunning all the caps is probably the wise thing to do.

    My last attempt to sell the box a few years ago generated a flurry of donation requests from various online computer “museums”. One collector even went out on a limb and offered me $100 for it, with the warning that any attempt to hold out for more would result in the immediate withdrawal of his generous offer! I did not reply to his offer. I can assure you that I am a card-carrying capitalist, I know what I have and that I will be looking to get top dollar for it. I make no apologies for that. Anybody interested in making a serious offer before I list it on eBay?

    Franklin Roberts
    Austin, Texas

    1. Hi Franklin,

      Some tips if you do post on eBay.

      Provide plenty of photos of the inside as well as the outside. Buyers will want to know all the components they are getting.
      Describe how you will pack and ship. Some buyers are hesitant to purchase old systems through eBay because a poor packing job can quickly make them worthless.
      Give as much history on the system as you can. It looks like you have a low serial number. Do you know who the original owner was?

      Maybe you are an old hand at selling vintage systems on eBay and already know all this stuff, but I thought it worthwhile to point out.

  2. Franklin Roberts · · Reply

    Thanks for the advice. I have a large padded Anvil case that was originally designed to ship a delicate video camera control unit. The INTELLEC fits snugly into the foam cavity.

    I have a full set of photos from the last attempt at selling the unit. Every card has been photographed, back and front. The unit came to me from the estate of a deceased engineer who spent his entire career with a well-known global technology firm. His wife remembered him setting up the unit at home on her kitchen table during the period when the Watergate Hearings were being televised live. (She liked the “little blinking red lights”.) If I recall correctly, those hearings were broadcast during the Spring and Summer of 1974, culminating in Nixon’s resignation in August. She also mentioned that he only used the unit for a short time before getting a “better” unit with more lights. Perhaps he switched to an INTELLEC 8?

    One side note, I also received four very early HP 9810A desktop computers from the estate, probably older than the Intel unit. Sadly, they ended up in the dumpster at the TV station where I work when I took a leave of absence to go back to school. Luckily, I kept the INTELLEC at home.

    Franklin Roberts
    Austin, Texas

  3. Franklin Roberts · · Reply

    Ok, here’s the skinny on the Intellec 4/40 I’m offering for sale.





    Very clean, no broken or missing hardware, all card guides intact. Unit has not been powered up since September, 1974. Was stored in a climate-controlled environment continuously for the past 37 years (no garage or attic storage). No obviously smoked or missing components, no leaky electrolytics. Paint is clean with no chips or scrapes. Sheet metal has no dents or dings. Plastic front panel overlay is clean with no wear, fingerprints or cracking. No dried out rubber or plastic anywhere in the unit. All ribbon cables are OEM and are supple. No dry rot, cracking or gumminess noted.

    OWNERS: 2
    Owner 1 1974-2000 (his death)*
    Owner 2 (me) 2000- Present

    Due to privacy concerns, the original owner’s name will be revealed only to the buyer.


    CPU BOARD: i4040, SN 196 (1974) uP: C4040 (white, gray dot) Firmware: v.2.1 on 4 ea. C1702 (white, gold dot) UVEPROM’s

    MEMORY CONTROLLER, SN 482 (1973)

    32 KB STATIC RAM BOARD,(P2102-2 1k x 32), SN 177 (1972)

    INPUT/OUTPUT BOARD, SN 355 (1973) NOTE: 4 ea. C3205 “gray trace” IC’s on board


    PROM PROGRAMMER MODULE, SN 386 (1973) NOTE: 1 ea C3205 “gray trace” IC on board

    A recent set 47 photographs can be e-mailed to those genuinely interested in purchasing this important piece of computing history. If no serious offers are received by Tuesday, August 31, 2010 at 6PM, I will list the unit with eBay the next morning.

    Franklin Roberts
    Austin, Texas

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