Apple 1 Escapee Listed on eBay

According to the description of an auction listing on eBay, at least two of the Apple 1’s traded in for Apple II’s escaped destruction. An Apple employee snagged them from Steve Wozniak’s office. Here’s an excerpt from the listing:

“Cliff dropped into Steve Jobs’ office one day and couldn’t help but notice the huge pile of Apple 1 boards – those that had been traded-in for the Apple II.  “What are you going to do with those?”, Cliff asked.  Steve told him that they were to be destroyed.  “Mind if I take one…  Oh!   And one for my brother?”, Cliff asked.  Steve reached into the pile and pulled out two boards and handed them to Cliff.  Many people around Apple were amused and asked, “Why would you want one of those?”  “It’s history,” was the reply, “just history.”

Starting bid is $30,000. With three days left at this writing, no one has bid.

The seller goes by “earlyapple,” and has a number of interesting Apple historical artifacts for sale, including an Apple Mouse prototype, an Apple Newton BIC prototype, and a pair of Apple logo sunglasses made for Steve Wozniak.


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