The Mac Poster That Wasn’t

A former Apple employee is selling on eBay what he claims to be the first poster proposed for the launch of the Macintosh. Created in 1983 by Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folan, the poster features a whimsical image of a flying man with the Mac as his head. Steve Jobs killed this poster because he didn’t think it felt right. I have to agree with his decision.

Bidding starts at $2,500. If this were the original artwork for the poster actually used, I’d say the seller would have no problem getting his starting bid and more. The value of a poster that was not used would be far less. Every Mac fan knows the iconic image of the Mac used in that original poster shown here:

Artwork for the original Macintosh poster

Artwork for the original Macintosh poster

That familiarity drives value. No one knows the image in the poster not used, and its uniqueness does not necessarily guarantee high value. That said, there is a strong market for Macintosh collectibles and it’s not always rational, so I am not going to make any predictions about where bidding will end on this auction.


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