Auction Report: Xerox Alto Sells for $30K

I’ve been traveling this week, and my reading material for the plane ride was Michael Hiltzik’s excellent Dealers of Lightning, which tells the story of Xerox PARC. I got through Chapter 12 and the story of how PARC researchers built 30 Alto systems for use within the facility.

So what’s one of the first things I see when I get back? An Alto sells on eBay for $30,100. And it does not work. It’s a rare piece of history, but the price surprised me. I am aware of one other Alto, and I’ve heard that someone with a restored Alto II might be listing the system soon.



One comment

  1. “Dealers of Lightning” is an excellent book. I just “read” it again a couple of weeks ago, as I own it on cassette tape. Thank goodness for my old 2002 vehicle that still has a tape drive!

    That is a lot of cash for essentially a static display. That’s the fate of all old computers though.

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