Auction Report: This Week on eBay

Newly listed items to watch:

Tandy 1000HX, complete working system. Starting bid is only 99 cents, but I suspect the reserve is a bit higher than that. You will get a good deal if you can get this PC-compatible for less than $50.

HP-1000 Series M. The seller of this early microcomputer claims it’s working, but all he really claims is that the lights come on. It appears to be a relatively complete system, and the $1300 buy-it-now price is reasonable. 29 days left at this writing.

Franklin Ace 100. Although the opening bid is on the high side at $400, you don’t see many of the original Franklin line for sale.  This one appears to be in above-average working condition.

MicroBee 32K IC Series II. Popular in Australia, where this system currently resides, the MicroBee is a home system from the early 1980s. This example is in good working order with a lot of extras.

Commentary on recently ended auctions:

DEC VAX 11/780. The market is strong for DEC minicomputers. The VAX 11/780 was top of the line when new, and the $500 sale price is reasonable. I hope the buyer didn’t choose the seller’s option to part out the system.

HP 75C. Milestone models of handheld computers are rising in value. HP is one of the premiere brands in the space, and the HP 75C is one of the most sought-after models. This one sold for nearly $275–a strong price.

Hyundai Super-386STc PC. I have to admit, I’m surprised that this PC clone even sold, let a lone for $61 with no keyboard or monitor. The Hyundai brand never carried much cachet in the PC market. I could easily see an early Dell, Gateway, or AST system selling in this range. Maybe people are starting to collect off-brands of PC clones.



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  1. What is a Teleram T3000 worth?

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