DEC PDP-8 “Straight 8” May or May Not Have Sold for 5-Figure Sum

The seller of a DEC PDP-8 on eBay recently updated the description to say that he has accepted an offer near his asking price of $18,000, pending receipt of funds. The “straight 8” is perhaps the most sought-after DEC model among collectors, and very few (if any) have been publicly sold. Assuming the accepted offer is somewhere between $15,000 and $17,000 (and that this is not a ploy on the seller’s part), I believe this would be a record price for a PDP-8 if the sale goes through. Does anyone know otherwise?


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  1. mark a vess · · Reply

    My name is Mark Vess and I am the owner and curator of the Museum Of Antiquated Technology in Hanson Ma. I have a functioning DEC PDP 8/M that needs a home. The PDP-8 has been on display here for 25 years and has been untouched since being rescued from DEC buy a DEC engineer many years ago. There are many tapes and documentation is included. I am interested in selling it to an institution or collection that will appreciate this machine. Pictures are available. I do not have a value on this yet. I do not wish to put such a nice machine on Fleabay. Thanks, Mark A. Vess, KC1ACF,, 781-294-1647

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