Record Apple 1 Price Set at Bonhams Auction

Well, my prediction that the Apple 1 in today’s Bonhams auction would sell near the low estimate was wrong. It sold for $905,000 including buyer’s premium. This beats the $671,000 sale of an Apple 1 at a German auction in May 2013 by roughly 26%. High-end collectibles is a funny business, sometimes driven by serious collectors competing for rare items, and sometimes driven by not-so-serious collectors looking for an investment. I’m guessing today’s Apple 1 sale is the result of both.

You see this in the collector car market. In fact, it’s gotten to the point where analysts actually track investment-grade collector cars to tell investors which models to buy, sell, or hold–much like they do stocks. I suppose this is inevitable with rare and desirable computers like the Apple 1,

Other notes from the auction: The wood and brass Helmholtz Sound Synthesizer from 1905 sold for $20,000. No results have been posted for the Olivetti P-602 or the Manhattan Project viewing window. I assume this means that bidding on these items did not meet the reserve price and they did not sell.


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