SOL-20, Apple Lisa 1, MITS Altair 8800 Among Items to Be Auctioned on Nov. 15

Day 2 of Breker’s Science & Technology auction features a number of iconic vintage microcomputers. The auction is being held online now through LiveAuctioneers, but Breker and the computers are located in Europe. If you bid from outside Europe, plan on paying significant shipping fees on top of the buyer premium. The list includes:

Heathkit H8: A working unit with a pre-auction estimate of €600 ($760 USD).

Commodore PET 2001: An early production model in working condition with a pre-auction estimate of € 500 ($633 USD).

Processor Technology SOL-20: Described as complete and working but not completely tested, and with some cosmetic issues. The pre-auction estimate of € 800 ($1014 USD) might be a little optimistic. Better units have sold for less recently.

NeXT Cube: This appears to be in very good condition functionally and cosmetically with a pre-auction estimate of € 1200 ($1,520 USD).

MITS Altair 8800: Described as in good working order, this unit has only the CPU board and a memory board with 256K of RAM. The pre-auction estimate of € 1800 ($2,280 USD) might be more realistic if this example had more boards.

Apple Lisa 1: This appears to be a very complete and working example with the Twiggy drives and a Profile hard drive. The pre-auction estimate of € 12,000 ($15,203 USD) is probably achievable given this week’s record Apple 1 sale.

The auction also has many earlier mechanical calculating devices. Even if you don’t bid, it should be fun to follow.


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