ACT Systems (Advanced Computer Technology) (San Diego, Calif.)

Founded in late 1979, ACT Systems built what it called supermicro computers. It’s Turbo-Micro was a multi-user system based on a Z80 CPU and the S-100 bus. By 1984, the system was upgraded to include an Intel 80186 alongside the Z80, but by then the days of the S-100 systems were numbered.


ACT Turbo Micro

ACT Systems Series 8000 Turbo-Micro (198?, multiuser system)
Base Configuration: 6MHz Z80 and 80186 CPUs
Important Options: 40MB hard disk drive, tape backup, TurboDOS


1984 advanced computer technology turbo micro adds help utility and user friendly menus pr 4-26-84
1984- Advanced Computer Technology winchester disk drive photo


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