Applied Technology Ventures Inc. (ATV) (Santa Ana, Calif.)

“Designed for the 80s–with power, utility, comfort, and styling,” as the ATV brochure on the Fox II reads. Today, the Fox II has the retro look that some collectors desire. The main unit holding the CPU and monitor sits on a pedestal with a white case and dark front panel. The hefty keyboard matches the front panel in color.




ATV Fox II (Nov. 1982, desktop)
Base Configuration:
4MHz Z80A CPU, CP/M, 80K RAM, two 8-inch floppy disk drives, 10MB hard disk drive, integral 12-inch monochrome monitor, keyboard/keypad, three RS-232C ports, BASIC, FORTRAN, COBOL, APL, Pascal, Macro Assembler Video: 24-line x 80-column text
Size/Weight: 16 x 21 x 16 inches, 37 lbs.


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