Barreto & Assoc. (Sedalia, Missouri)

he Barreto MicroMaster’s most distinguishing feature is its three microprocessors: 8085 and 8088 CPUs share the main processing duties while a Z80 manages the keyboard and monitor. The MicroMaster is an S-100 bus system that runs CP/M. With the optional MP/M operating system, the MicroMaster functions as a multi-user system.

Barreto MicroMaster

Barreto MicroMaster

Barreto MicroMaster (1982, desktop microcomputer)
Original List Price: $12,500
Base Configuration: 8085, 8088, and Z80 CPUs; 64K RAM (16MB max); 5MB hard drive; 5.25-inch floppy drive; integrated monochrome monitor; serial and parallel ports; integrated keyboard; CP/M; BASIC or Fortran
Video: 80 characters x 24 lines
Important Options: terminal, MP/M, expansion chassis, color monitor, COBOL


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