Barrington International Corp. (Ann Arbor, Mich.)

The Barrington E’Lite was one of many CP/M systems aimed at small business in the early 1980s. Originally launched as a single-user system, the E’Lite was upgraded to a multi-user system a few months later.

Barrington E'Lite

Barrington E’Lite

Barrington E’Lite (1982, desktop microcomputer)
Original Retail Price: $7,999
Base Configuration: 6MHz Z80B CPU, 64K RAM, 10MB hard drive, internal 10MB tape drive, CP/M, Condor database



  1. Derrick Shoup · · Reply

    Are these worth anything i have two of them

    1. As a Z80 CP/M computer from the 1980s, it does have some value. However, it’s not a well-known brand like Cromemco or Osborne and won’t command as much. The value will vary greatly depending on condition. My estimate is a complete non-working system would be $30 to $50. A clean, complete working system with all the system software would be in the $150 to $200 range. Average working with expected cosmetic wear and tear would be $75 to $100. If you want to sell them, my advice is to try locally through Craigslist first. Using eBay broadens the pool of buyers, but bidders will consider the hefty shipping fees and you will have the hassle of packing it up properly.

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