Bell & Howell Audio-Visual Products Division (Chicago, Ill.)

The Bell & Howell Microcomputer wasn’t an Apple II clone; it was a relabeled Apple II made by Apple in a redesigned black or gray case. Bell & Howell had a long-established sales channel into the education market, and Apple was savvy enough to take advantage of it. Several modifications were made for use in schools. The back panel had an array of headphone and speaker jacks, as well as several volume controls. Three AC power outlets allowed you to plug in accessories to the computer, and a cover lock prevented tampering. Since Bell & Howell systems were sold exclusively to schools, surviving units have usually taken a beating. A pristine system would command a higher-than-average premium.

Bell & Howell Microcomputer System

Bell & Howell Microcomputer System

Bell & Howell Microcomputer (1980, Apple II-class desktop)
Base Configuration: 6502 CPU; eight expansion slots; 16K RAM (48K max); 12K ROM; TV video port; integral keyboard; RS-232C, parallel, and cassette ports; BASIC; two game paddles; reference and BASIC manuals
Video: 24-line x 40-column text, 280 x 160 graphics, 15 colors
Important Options: external 5.25-inch floppy disk drive, graphics tablet, modem, printer


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