Cambridge Computer Ltd. (Cambridge, U.K.)

For many mobile professionals, the Z88 was the perfect portable computer. It was small and light with a full-size keyboard and could run for hours on four standard alkaline batteries. Its OZ operating system was designed for mobile use, allowing for easy task switching among the built-in applications and maximizing system resources. A built-in utility allowed for easy file transfer with a PC. Z88 owners were often fanatical about the computers, and the systems are still in demand today. Be careful about the plastic covering the LCD, as it scratches easily.

The Z88 was designed by Sir Clive Sinclair, who kick-started the consumer microcomputer business in the U.K. with the Sinclair ZX80 in 1980.

Cambridge Computer Z88 (Sept. 1987, notebook)
Original Retail Price: $499
Base Configuration: Z80 CPU, OZ, three proprietary expansion slots, 32K RAM (3MB max), 128K ROM, EPROM card storage, monochrome LCD, integral keyboard, RS-232 port, application suite, BBC BASIC, AC adapter
Video: 8-line x 106-column text
Size/Weight: 11.5 x  8.25 x .87 inches, 1.88 lbs.
Important Options: modem


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