Commuter Computer Corp. (Northridge, Calif.)

The Commuter was sold with no software, as the company’s strategy was to allow the customer as many options as possible. The customer could configure the system to run Apple II or CP/M software, and an optional 8088 CPU card provided MS-DOS compatibility.

Commuter Computer Commuter (1983, transportable)
Original Retail Price: $1,995
Base Configuration: 6502 and Z80B CPUs; three expansion slots; 64K RAM (256K max); 16K ROM; two 5.25-inch floppy disk drives; integral 9-inch monochrome CRT; keyboard/keypad; two RS-232; two parallel, and one game port
Video: 24-line x 80-column text, 280 x 192 graphics, 16 colors
Size/Weight: 18.5 x 14.25 x 8 inches, 26 lbs.
Important Options: 8088 coprocessor, MS-DOS

Commuter Computer Commuter Portable

Commuter Computer Commuter Portable


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