Compu-Sultants Inc. (Huntsville, Ala.)

Compu-Sultants’ Micro-440 might have been first 4040-based kit. An entry-level system for hobbyists, its processor had only a 4-bit word length, as opposed to the Intel 8080 8-bit length, so the system was limited even by the day’s standards. Partial kits were sold, so it’s possible to find Micro 440 components in other home-made systems.

Micro 440 designer and reader David Barr adds this information:

“March 12, 2010 at 9:06 pm: I thought I would do a search on an old computer I designed for the home market, the Micro-440. We built about 200 kits and only sold about 10 kits. The computer was designed base on the Intel 4040 chip set and a number of surplus parts we found around Huntsville Alabama. I do not have any of the kits but I still have one of the user manuals.”

Compu-Sultants Micro 440 (Dec. 1975, early micro)
Original Retail Price: $275 kit, $375 assembled
Base Configuration: 4040 CPU, 256 bytes RAM (8K max), I/O and Teletype ports, monitor software, debugger, editor, owner’s manual, power supply, enclosure


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