Data Technology Industries (DTI) (San Leandro, Calif.)

DTI and Gnat Computers jointly developed the System 10 computer in 1979, selling about 2,000 units through 1980. The System 10 then became The Associate, and DTI bought out Gnat in 1983. In that year, DTI introduced the Assistant CP, a dual-processor system that was both Apple II and CP/M compatible.

By adding Apple compatibility to a CP/M system, DTI hoped to have a machine that appealed to both the business and home markets. This strategy almost never worked, and few Assistant CPs were sold.

DTI The Associate Series (1979, desktop)
Base Configuration: Z80 CPU, CP/M, 64K RAM (256K max), 5.25-inch floppy disk drive
Important Options: 6502 coprocessor, second 5.25-inch floppy disk drive, 6MB hard disk drive, enhanced video board

DTI Assistant CP (Oct. 1983, Apple II-class desktop)
Base Configuration: Z80A and 6502 CPUs, CP/M, 10 expansion slots, TV adapter, keyboard/keypad, game port
Size/Weight: 14 lbs.
Important Options: printer


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