Digital Microsystems (Oakland, Calif.)

The System 5000 had a swivel display that could be positioned in a page-length portrait mode or in a landscape mode.

Digital Microsystems The Fox (1982, desktop)
Original Retail Price: $3.995
Base Configuration: Z80A CPU, CP/M, 64K RAM, 5.25-inch floppy disk drive, 9-inch monochrome monitor, keyboard/keypad, four RS-232C and two parallel ports, network connector, application suite

Digital Microsystems System 5000 (1982, desktop)
Original Retail Price: $3,295 to $4,195
Base Configuration: Z80 8086 CPU, 64K RAM (Z80) or 256K RAM (512K max; 8086), monochrome monitor, integral keyboard
Video: 66-line x 80-column text (portrait mode)


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