Dragon Data Ltd. (West Glamorgan, U.K.)

The Dragon 32/64 enjoyed success in Europe, and eventually the company sold the system in the U.S. Although the Dragon 32 and 64 (labeled according to the amount of RAM) were by far the best-selling Color Computer compatible, their run in the U.S. was short. The market for 8-bit home computers had peaked, and Tandy had begun to offer more powerful systems at a similar price point. Dragon 32/64 systems will run most CoCo software.

Dragon Data Dragon 32/Dragon 64 (home computer)
Base Configuration: 6809E CPU, expansion slot, 32K RAM (64K max), 16K ROM, TV adapter, integral keyboard, parallel and two game ports, Microsoft Extended Colour BASIC, BASIC manual
Video: 256 x 192 graphics
Important Options: cassette recorder, joysticks


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