Dynasty Computer Corp. (Dallas, Tex.)

Dynasty was the Amway of computer companies. It enlisted more than 3,000 “independent distributors”–individuals who sold the computers door-to-door. However, the company stopped signing new distributors in November 1983, citing competition from the pending launch of the IBM PCjr.

The smart-Alec II was an Exidy Sorcerer-compatible system introduced in the late 1970s. Some sources indicate that later models could accommodate 64K RAM and an 80-column display. Examples of the smart-Alec Jr. have labels indicating that they were made by Video Technology. The system might be a relabeled VZ200.

Dynasty smart-Alec II (home computer)
Base Configuration: 2.1MHz Z80 CPU, CP/M, S-100 bus, 8K RAM (48K max), 4K ROM (16K max), keyboard/keypad
Video: 30-line x 65-column text, 512 x 240 graphics
Important Options: 5.25- or 8-inch floppy disk drive, printer, joysticks

Dynasty smart-Alec Jr. (1982, home computer)
Original Retail Price: $389
Base Configuration: 20K RAM (64K max), keyboard, Microsoft BASIC
Important Options: cassette recorder, printer, joysticks


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