Elan Computers Ltd. (London, U.K.)

The Elan Enterprise had a futuristic design with a colorful keyboard and a built-in joystick. Modular add-ons plugged into a side port in either a stacked or side-by-side fashion. A custom video chip called Nick provided outstanding graphics, and a custom chip called Dave produced superior sound output. The company produced its own line of software for the machine–mostly games and programming tools. The Elan Enterprise apparently was not sold in the U.S., but in Europe it matched up favorably against other machines in its class such as the Dragon 32 and Acorn Electron. Today, good examples are in demand by collectors, especially in Europe

Elan Enterprise 64/Enterprise 128 (early 1984, home computer)
Base Configuration: 4MHz Z80A CPU; EROS; external expansion slot; 64K RAM (128K max), 32K ROM; TV and RGB video ports; integral keyboard; RS-423, parallel, two game, and two cassette ports; BASIC; word processor in ROM; integral joystick; two manuals; stereo sound output, AC adapter
Video: 56-line x 84-character text, 672 x 512 graphics, 256 colors
Important Options: dual external 3.5-inch floppy disk drives


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