Electronic Tool Co. (Hawthorne, Calif.)

An early multi-processor computer, the Etcetera System could support up to five different CPUs each with its own memory, yet sharing other resources such as power supply and I/O. The ETC-1000 was actually the central control unit of the Etcetera System configured as a standalone computer. The company claimed that a ruggedized version of the ETC-1000 could “go almost anywhere: under water, out in nature, or up in space.” Like the Etcetera System, it was a multi-processor computer. Production of both systems ended in 1977.

Electronic Tool Etcetera System (1975, early micro)
Base Configuration: 8080A, 6800, 6502, or F8 CPU; 16 expansion slots, 1K RAM (64K max), 256 bytes ROM (4K max), 8-digit LED, integral hex keypad, RS-232C and 20-mA DC current loop ports, enclosure, power supply

Electronic Tool ETC-1000 (1976, early micro)
Original Retail Price: $830 to $7,197
Base Configuration: 6502 CPU; Monitor Control System (MCS); 1K RAM (64K max); 256 bytes ROM (4K max); eight-digit LED; integral hex keypad; RS-232C, cassette, and 20-mA DC current loop ports, debugger, enclosure, power supply
Important Options: 8080A, 6800, or F8 coprocessor, floppy disk drive, ADM-3 terminal


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