Fortune Systems (San Carlos, Calif.)

Fortune designed the Unix-based 32:16 to be used as either a multi- or single-user system. It was network ready and offered many upgrade options. The stylish white enclosure, keyboard, and monitor were a welcome departure from the boxy utilitarian look that many of the 32:16’s competitors displayed.

Reader Chris Meredith adds this:

“December 6, 2013 at 9:07 pm: I had the pleasure of using a Fortune Systems 32:16 for nearly a year on approval. My employer was considering a large purchase from Fortune Systems but insisted on trying a few systems out first. I remember it was blazing fast desktop with all the bells and whistles, including a relational database application. In the end my employer decided not to go with Fortune Systems, but I sure enjoyed the test drive.”


Fortune 32:16 (March 1982, desktop)
Original Retail Price: $4,995 Base Configuration: 68000 CPU, Fortune Operating System, five expansion slots, 128K RAM (1MB max), 4K ROM (16K max), 5.25-inch floppy disk drive, 12-inch monochrome monitor, keyboard/keypad, RS-232C port
Video: 80-column text
Size/Weight: 5.8 x 13.9 x 22.3 inches, 30 lbs.
Important Options: second 5.25-inch floppy disk drive, 5- to 20MB hard disk drive, tape backup drive, parallel interface, printer


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