Jonos International Corp. (Fullerton, Calif.)

Jonos built portables like tanks, and the military was in fact one of its customers. The company also claimed that its systems saw use on oil rigs and on submarines. The industrial look of both the C and I series is part of their appeal. The C2150, I4100, and I4300 models had floppy storage only, while the C2500, C2550, C2600, I4500, I4550, I4700, and I4750 were configured with hard disk drives.

Jonos C Series/I Series (1984, transportable)
Original Retail Price: $3,295 to $5,595 (C series)/$3,695 to $5,995 (I series)
Base Configuration: 6MHz Z80B CPU (C series)/8MHz 8088-2 CPU (I series), CP/M Plus (C series)/Concurrent DOS (I series), eight STD slots, 128K RAM (C series)/256K RAM (640K max; I series), 3.5-inch floppy disk drive, integral 9-inch monochrome CRT, composite video port, RGB video port (I series), keyboard/keypad, two RS-232C ports, parallel port (I series), owner’s manual
Video: 25-line x 80-column text
Size/Weight: 17.25 x 7.25 x 13.25 inches, 26 lbs.
Important Options: eight additional STD slots, 5- or 10MB hard disk drive, color video card (C series), internal modem, integral printer, ARCNet support (I series)


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