Jupiter Cantab (Cambridge, U.K.)

Designed by two former Sinclair engineers, the Jupiter Ace was much like other low-cost micros such as the ZX81. The most obvious exception is that it used FORTH as its programming language rather than the more accepted BASIC. The Jupiter Ace had a short production run, as production ceased in 1984. Examples are much sought after by collectors, especially in the U.K. Systems sold in the U.S. by agent Computer Distribution Associates were called the Jupiter Ace 4000. These models had a slightly different keyboard. Jupiter Cantab announced a Jupiter Ace 16+ model, but the company declared bankruptcy before it could be released.

Jupiter Cantab Ace (April 1983, home computer)
Original Retail Price: $175
Base Configuration: 3.25MHz Z80A CPU, 16K RAM (51K max), monitor and TV video ports, integral Chiclet-style keyboard, cassette port, FORTH, AC adapter, owner’s manual
Video: 24-line x 32-column text, 256 x 192 graphics
Important Options: ADC converter, parallel interface, adapter for Timex Sinclair peripherals


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