Lanier Business Products Inc. (Atlanta, Ga.)

The Lanier Business Processor 1000 was a dual-processor system.

Lanier Business Processor 1000 (1984, desktop)
Original Retail Price: $2,995
Base Configuration: MS-DOS or CP/M, 128K RAM (256K max), two 5.25-inch floppy disk drives, integral monochrome CRT, keyboard/keypad, IBM 3270 and 3780 emulation
Important Options: 5- or 10MB hard disk drive



  1. Ive recently acquired a 1984 Lanier business processor. the fuse blew when i turned it on. now with a new fuse inside, its wont do any thing. Nothing from the screen, or not even the lights come on when powering up . I know nothing about this unit any help please

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