LNW Research/LNW Computers (Costa Mesa, Calif.)

LNW was founded in 1978 by Gene Lu, Michael Norton, and Ken Woog (the L, N, and W, respectively) as a manufacturer of expansion interfaces and disk doublers for the TRS-80 Microcomputer System (Model I). In 1980, the company introduced its first microcomputer, the LNW80 Model 1, which it sold through mail order and a few retailers. The LNW80 Model 1 was compatible with the TRS-80 Model I, while the LNW80 Model 2 was compatible with both the TRS-80 Model I and Model III. The latter could also run CP/M. LNW was considered one of the highest-quality makers of TRS-80-compatible systems, and surviving examples are treasured by TRS-80 enthusiasts.

The LNW80 was a better, color-capable TRS-80 Model I, with which it was hardware- and software compatible. The company sold the LNW80 in kit form, and purchasers could buy just the system board or a complete system including enclosures. You might find some LNW80s in custom-made enclosures. The LNW80 was considered the Cadillac of TRS-80 clones, and surviving examples are treasured by TRS-80 enthusiasts. The Model II could run most TRS-80 Model I/III/4 software and offered more memory and better graphics.

LNW Research LNW80/LNW80 Model II (1980 [LNW80]/1983 [LNW80 Model II], desktop)
Original Retail Price: $1,200 (LNW80)/$1,195 (LNW80 Model II)
Base Configuration: 4MHz Z80A CPU, CP/M and DOSPLUS (LNW80 Model II), 48K RAM (LNW80)/96K RAM, 16K ROM (LNW80 Model II), integral keyboard/keypad, RS-232C and parallel ports, composite video and cassette port, application suite (LNW80 Model 2), operations and technical reference manuals
Video: 24-line x 80-column text, 384 x 192 graphics (LNW80)/480 x 192 graphics (LNW80 Model II), eight colors
Size/Weight: 16.5 x 22 x 3.5 inches
Important Options: LNW Expansion Interface, monochrome CRT display, floppy disk drive, parallel port


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