Mad Computers Inc. (Santa Clara, Calif.)

The MAD-1 (Modular Advanced Design) computer was quite different from other PC-compatibles. As the name suggests, it features a modular design with a Computing Module housing the main processor board and a Data Module housing the storage devices. An optional Expansion Module provided four slots for add-on boards. However, the MAD-1 cannot use IBM-standard memory cards because of its 16-bit bus. A black and grey color scheme and its 80186 CPU further distinguish the MAD-1. These computers are collectible just because they look so cool.

Mad Computers MAD-1 (1983, desktop PC)
Original Retail Price: $4,195 to $6,295
Base Configuration: 7.2MHz 80186 CPU, MS-DOS 2.0, one ISA slot, 128K RAM (512K max), 16K ROM, 5.25-inch floppy disk drive, 12-inch monochrome monitor, RGB video port, keyboard/keypad, two RS-232 and one parallel port
Video: 720 x 350 graphics
Size/Weight: 12.5 x 15 x 2.4 inches, black and grey
Important Options: Concurrent CP/M-86, Expansion Module, second 5.25-inch floppy disk drive, 5MB or 10MB hard disk drive, application suite, internal modem


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