Miles Gordon Technologies (M.G.T.)

By 1989, it was a little late to be introducing an 8-bit home computer. M.G.T., however, was hoping that its Sam Coupe system would appeal to the many owners of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, with which the Sam Coupe was compatible. The company managed to sell the system for a few years, going bankrupt once and reemerging as SamCo.

Miles Gordon Technologies (M.G.T.) Sam Coupe (1989, home computer)
Base Configuration: 6MHz Z80B CPU; expansion port; 256K RAM (512K max); 32K ROM; RGB and composite video port; integral keyboard/keypad; mouse, light-pen, MIDI, cassette, and two game ports; BASIC; eight-voice sound
Video: 512 x 192 graphics, four colors
Important Options: one or two 3.5-inch floppy disk drives


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