MOS Technology (Norristown, Pa.)

Several microprocessor vendors of the era sold “trainer” systems that taught users how their CPUs worked. MOS Technology, however, was one of the first to sell a full-fledged microcomputer on a single board. KIM-1 owners could buy off-the-shelf components and peripherals such as a power supply, enclosure, and a video display. The KIM-1 sold well and is among the easiest to find systems from the era. Most today are found without the optional blue or tan plastic enclosure.

MOS Technology KIM-1 Microcomputer System (1975, computer trainer)
Original Retail Price: $245
Base Configuration: 6502 CPU; 1K RAM; six-digit LED; integral hex keypad; TTY and cassette ports; monitor in ROM; user, hardware, and programming manuals; reference card
Important Options: enclosure


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