Northwest Microcomputer Systems (Eugene, Ore.)

The 85/P featured an all-in-one design similar to the TRS-80 Model III, but in a natural finish wood enclosure. The “P” in its name referred to Pascal, and the 85/P was sold as a Pascal development system.

Northwest Microcomputer Systems 85/P (1978, early micro)
Original Retail Price: $7,495
Base Configuration: 8085 CPU, 54K RAM, two 5.25-inch floppy disk drives, integral monochrome CRT, integral keyboard/keypad, two serial ports, Pascal
Video: 24-line x 80-column text


One comment

  1. Two 8″ floppy disk drives, actually. 450ns RAM. Cherry keyboard with ANSI layout. 2×3 block graphics in the high part of the character generator for 160×72 graphics. My Dad co-founded the company. The beautiful case was initially because it was cheaper to hire local craftsfolk to build them than to pay for injection molding setup: turned out to be a huge hit with executive types. Wish I could find a picture. Wish even more that I still had one.

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