Noval Inc. (San Diego, Calif.)

The Noval 760 was built into a wooden desk. The top of the desk was split length-wise and the computer, monitor, and cassette flipped up when needed. The keyboard was in a pull-out drawer. It looked sharp, but the combination probably made for a limited customer base. How many people would be looking for a desk and a computer at the same time? And what happened when you wanted to upgrade to a new computer?

Noval 760 (1977, early micro)
Base Configuration: 8080A CPU; 16K RAM (32K max); 3K ROM (16K max); integral PhiDeck cassette recorder, 12-inch monochrome CRT, keyboard, and printer; editor/assembler; debugger; operation manual
Video: 28-line x 32-column text, 256 x 224 graphics
Important Options: color monitor, paper tape reader, BASIC, EPROM programmer


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