Sage Computer Technology (Reno, Nev.)

The Sage II was the single-user offering from multi-user system vendor Sage. The company provided an upgrade path to convert the Sage II for multi-user capability. Purchasers of the Sage II system supplied their own terminals for video and keyboard or purchased the optional Sage Terminal. Later versions of the Sage II shared the same smaller enclosure as the Sage IV, which was configured similarly to the Sage II. The Sage Terminal was actually a relabeled Qume 102.

By 1984, the company changed its name to Stride Micro and concentrated on multi-user systems based on the VMEbus.

Sage Computer Technology Sage II (1982, desktop)
Original Retail Price: $3,600 to $4,800
Base Configuration: 8MHz 68000 CPU; UCSD p-System; two Sage Bus slots; 128K RAM (512K max); 8K ROM (32K max); 5.25-inch floppy disk drive; two RS-232C, parallel, and IEEE-488 slots; FORTRAN-77; BASIC; four-volume manual set
Size/Weight: 6.5 x 12.5 x 16.75 inches, 16 lbs.
Important Options: CP/M-68K, second 5.25-inch floppy disk drive, RAM disk, Sage terminal


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