Auction house Bonhams has assembled an impressive collection of historically significant items related to science and technology for its October 22 History of Science auction in New York City. One of the highlights is a rather complete and working Apple 1 setup that includes the motherboard, keyboard, monitor, and power supply. With a pre-auction estimate of […]

With the passing of founder Andrew Kay earlier this week, I thought it only appropriate to take a look back at Kaypro’s computers. The company had a long history before producing its first computer in 1982. Launched in 1952 as Non-Linear Systems (NLS), Kay and his company made their mark selling the world’s first digital […]

The seller of a DEC PDP-8 on eBay recently updated the description to say that he has accepted an offer near his asking price of $18,000, pending receipt of funds. The “straight 8” is perhaps the most sought-after DEC model among collectors, and very few (if any) have been publicly sold. Assuming the accepted offer is somewhere between […]

It’s hard to imagine a more significant artifact of the computer age than the prototype of the first microchip that’s up for auction on June 19. Got an extra $1 million to $2 million lying around? That’s auction house Christie’s estimate of what the chip will sell for. The germanium-based prototype was made by Tom […]

Auction Team Breker’s online auction of Office Antiques, Science & Technology, Fine Toys, and Automata that concluded on May 24 featured some rarely seen office technology from the 19th and 20th century. It also offered several iconic microcomputers including an Apple Lisa and a MITS Altair 8800. The results show that interest in early technology, not […]

Wayne Green, who founded or co-founded many early computer magazines including BYTE, 80 Micro, Kilobaud Microcomputing, Run, and InCider, passed away earlier this month at age 91. Wayne was a polarizing figure in the early days of the microcomputer; he had strong, often unpopular opinions and was not afraid to express them. I saw this […]

Newly listed items to watch: Tandy 1000HX, complete working system. Starting bid is only 99 cents, but I suspect the reserve is a bit higher than that. You will get a good deal if you can get this PC-compatible for less than $50. HP-1000 Series M. The seller of this early microcomputer claims it’s working, […]