Computer Companies

3R Computers

Access Matrix/Actrix

Acer Group/Multitech Electronics Inc.


Acorn Computers Ltd.

Action Computer Enterprise, Inc.

ACT Systems (Advanced Computer Technology)



Advanced Logic Research (ALR)

Advanced Products and Technologies

Advanced Vision Research

Agilis Corp.

AI Electronics Corp.

Airis Computer Corp.

Albert Computers Inc.

Alpha Digital Systems (ADS)

Alpha Microsystems

Altos Computer Systems

AMAX Engineering Corp.

Ambra Computer Corp.

Amconics Industry PTE LTD

Amdek Corp.

American Bell

American Computer & Peripheral Inc.

American Micro Technology (Tustin, Calif.)

Ampere Inc.

Ampex Corp.

Amstrad Consumer Electronics plc.

APF Electronics Inc.

Apple Computer Inc.

Applied Computer Techniques (ACT) Ltd.

Applied Micro Technology

Applied Technology Ventures Inc. (ATV)

Arche Technologies Inc.

Asia Commercial Co. (ACC)

Aspen Computer Inc.

AST Research Inc.

Astrovision Inc.

Atari Corp.

Athena Computer & Electronic Systems

AT&T Information Systems

Aval Corp.

AVT Trading A.G.

Barreto & Assoc.

Barrington International Corp.

Basis Microcomputer GmbH

Bell & Howell Audio-Visual Products Division 

Beltron Computer

Billings Computer Corp. 

Blue Chip Electronics 

BMC Systems Inc.

Bondwell Industrial Co. Inc.

BT Enterprises 

Burroughs Corp.

Byte Shop Inc. 

Byturbo International Corp.

CAD/CAM On-Line Inc. 

Cado Systems Corp. 

Cambridge Computer Ltd. 


Canon USA

Casio Inc. 

Challenge Systems Inc. 

Colby Computer

Coleco Industries Inc.

Collins International Trading Corp.

Columbia Data Products

Commodore Business Machines Inc.

Commuter Computer Corp.

Companion Computers

Compaq Computer Corp. 



CompuSource Inc. 

Compu-Sultants Inc.

Computer Ancillaries Ltd.

Computer Data Systems

Computer Designed Systems Inc.

Computer Devices Inc.

Computer Power & Light

Computer Technology International (CTI)

Computer Transceiver Systems Inc. 

COMX World Operations Ltd.

Convergent Technologies Inc.

Corona Data Systems 

Corvus Systems 


Data General

Datapoint Corp.

Data Technology Industries (DTI)

Digital Electronics Corp.

Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC)

Digital Microsystems

Digital Systems

Diser Corp.

Dragon Data Ltd.

Dulmont Electronic Systems

Durango Systems Inc.

Dynalogic Info-Tech, Bytec, Bytec-Comterm, Bytec/Dynalogic

Dynasty Computer Corp. 

Eaca International Ltd.

Eagle Computer Inc.

Ebnek Inc

ECD Corp.

Educational Microcomputer Systems

Elan Computers Ltd.

Electronic Product Associates Inc.

Electronic Tool Co.

Epson America Inc.

Ericsson Inc.

ET Computer Systems

Exidy Systems Inc.

Extec Corp.

Extra Computer Corp. 

Facit Inc.


Fortune Systems

Franklin Computer Corp.

Fujitsu Microelectronics Professional Microsystem Division

Gavilan Computer Corp.

Gnat Computers

GRiD Systems Corp.

Grundy Business Systems

Heath Co.

Hewlett-Packard Co.

Hitachi, Ltd.


iCOM Microperipherals

IMS Associates Inc. (IMSAI); Fischer-Freitas Co. (1979 to 1986)

Intel Corp.

Intelligent Systems Corp.

Interact Electronics

Interface Data Systems

International Business Machines (IBM)

Intertec Data Systems

Intertek Systems Inc.

Ithaca Intersystems Inc.

ITT Information Systems 

Ivy Microcomputer Corp.

Jonos International Corp.

Jupiter Cantab

Kaypro Corp. (Formerly Non-Linear Systems)


Lanier Business Products Inc.

Leading Edge Products Inc.

LNW Research/LNW Computers

Lobo Systems Inc.

Logical Business Machines

Mad Computers Inc.

Magic Computer Co.

Mark-8 (Jonathan Titus)

Martin Research

Mattel Electronics

MCM Computers

Memotech Corp.

Microcomputer Associates Inc.

Microcomputer Technology Inc. (MTI)

Micro Craft Corp.

Microdata Systems

MicroDyne Computer Systems Inc.

Microkit Inc.

Micromega Corp.

Microsci Corp.

Micro Source Inc., MicroStandard Technologies Inc.

Micro Technology Unlimited

Microvoice Corp.

Midwest Scientific Instruments


Miles Gordon Technologies (M.G.T.)

Mindset Corp.

MiniTerm Associates Inc.

MITS (Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems)

Mitsubishi Electronics America Inc.

Modula Computer Systems

Modular Micros

Monroe Systems for Business

Morrow Designs Inc.

MOS Technology

Mostek Corp.

Multi-Tech Systems

Nascom/Lucas Nascom


NCR Corp.

NEC Home Electronics USA

NEC Information Systems Inc.

NeXT Computer Inc.

North Star Computers Inc.

Northwest Microcomputer Systems

Noval Inc. 

Ogivar Technologies Inc.

Ohio Scientific Instruments (OSI)

Oki Electric Industry Co.

Olivetti USA

Olympia USA Inc.


Ontel Corp.

Oric Products International Ltd.

Osborne Computer Corp.

Otrona Advanced Systems

Panasonic Co.

Paradyne Corp.

Parasitic Engineering


PC’s Limited

Personal Microcomputers Inc. (PMC)

Philips Electronics

Pioneer Electronics

Polymorphic Systems

Processor Technology Corp.

Pronto Computers Inc.

Quadram Corp.

Quasar Data Products

R2E of America


Realistic Controls Corp.

RGS Electronics

Rockwell International

Royal Business Machines Inc.

Sage Computer Technology

Sanyo Business Systems Corp.

Scelbi Computer Consulting Inc.

Seals Electronics

Seequa Computer Corp.

Sega Corp.

SEI Inc.

Seiko Instruments Inc.

Sekon Systems Inc.

Sharp Corp. ; Sharp Electronics Corp.

Silicon Valley Micro Inc.

Sinclair Research Ltd.

Smoke Signal Broadcasting

Sony Corp. of America

SORD Computer Corp.

Southwest Technical Products Corp. (SWTPC)

Spectravideo Inc.

Sperry Corp.

Sphere Corp.

Stearns Computer Systems Corp.

STM Electronics Corp.

STM Systems Inc.

Strategic Technologies Inc.

Sumicom Inc.

Symbiotic Systems Inc.

Synertek Systems Corp.

Tandy Corp./Radio Shack


Tano Corp.

Tatung Co.

Tava Corp.

Technical Design Labs (TDL)

Teleram Communications Corp.

Televideo Systems Inc.

Terak Corp.

Texas Electronic Instruments Inc. (TEI)

Texas Instruments Inc.

The Digital Group

Timex Computer Corp.


Tomcat Computer Inc.


Torch Computers Ltd.

Toshiba America Inc. 

U-Microcomputers Ltd.

Umtech Inc.

Universal Data Inc.

Vector Graphic Inc.

Victor Technologies Inc. 

Video Technology Inc. (VTech)

Visual Computer Inc.

Visual Technology Inc.

Wang Laboratories Inc.

Wave Mate


Xerox Corp.

Yamaha International Corp.

Zeda Computer Systems

Zenith Data Systems


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