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DEC PDP-8 “Straight 8” May or May Not Have Sold for 5-Figure Sum

The seller of a DEC PDP-8 on eBay recently updated the description to say that he has accepted an offer near his asking price of $18,000, pending receipt of funds. The “straight 8” is perhaps the most sought-after DEC model among collectors, and very few (if any) have been publicly sold. Assuming the accepted offer is somewhere between […]

Vintage Computer Festival Announces Southern US Venue

Southern vintage computer hobbyists now have their own Vintage Computer Festival. The event takes place Saturday and Sunday, August 7-8, 2010 at Nedderman Hall, University of Texas Arlington. It is sponsored by the Museum of Information Technology at Arlington and the University of Texas Arlington College of Engineering. No pricing has been set for exhibitors […]

Claude Kagan’s Burroughs B-205 Lost in Fire

The barn where Claude Kagan founded RESISTORS, one of the first computer clubs, in the 1970s burned to the ground the morning of Dec. 3, 2009.  The barn housed a number of vintage computers including a Symbolics 3670, a number of AT&T 3B2s, and most significantly, a Burroughs B-205 mainframe. According to posts on the […]