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Remembering Wayne Green

Wayne Green, who founded or co-founded many early computer magazines including BYTE, 80 Micro, Kilobaud Microcomputing, Run, and InCider, passed away earlier this month at age 91. Wayne was a polarizing figure in the early days of the microcomputer; he had strong, often unpopular opinions and was not afraid to express them. I saw this […]

Six Milestone Computing Ads

In 1923, Ned Jordan created an advertisement that changed the way cars were sold. Jordan’s company sold a sporty roadster called the Playboy. “Somewhere west of Laramie there’s a bronco-busting, steer-roping girl who knows what I’m talking about,” the ad began. “She can tell what a sassy pony that’s a cross between greased lightning and […]

The Mac Poster That Wasn’t

A former Apple employee is selling on eBay what he claims to be the first poster proposed for the launch of the Macintosh. Created in 1983 by Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folan, the poster features a whimsical image of a flying man with the Mac as his head. Steve Jobs killed this poster because he didn’t […]

Computer-Related Literature Bringing Big Bucks

An original binding of a lecture series given at the University of Pennsylvania Moore School of Electrical Engineering in 1946 sold last week on eBay for $1728. The price is understandable when you consider that the lecturers included Howard Aiken, designer of the Harvard Mark I, and J. Presper Eckert, designer of the ENIAC and […]