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“Ricketts” Apple 1 Sells Below Expectations at Christie’s Auction

With auction prices for genuine Apple 1 systems rising steadily over the last few years, there was a lot of speculation about whether the one sold today would break the $1 million mark. It didn’t. In fact, the sale fell below the low range of auction house Christie’s estimate at $365,000, including buyer’s premium. Christie’s […]

Update: Breker Auction Results

If the results from the November 14 and 15 Breker Science & Technology auction tell us anything, it’s that recent high selling prices for examples of the Apple 1 computer aren’t necessarily raising those of other iconic early computers. Of the 10 offered, only three sold: an Apple Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh (TAM) for €1,000 ($1,245 USD), […]

SOL-20, Apple Lisa 1, MITS Altair 8800 Among Items to Be Auctioned on Nov. 15

Day 2 of Breker’s Science & Technology auction features a number of iconic vintage microcomputers. The auction is being held online now through LiveAuctioneers, but Breker and the computers are located in Europe. If you bid from outside Europe, plan on paying significant shipping fees on top of the buyer premium. The list includes: Heathkit […]

Update: Apple 1 Auction

The buyer who paid $905,000 (including buyer’s premium) for the Apple 1 on October 22 was The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI. This is good news, because the Apple 1 will go on public display as part of the museum’s Archive of American Innovation. The previous Apple 1 that was sold went to a private […]

Record Apple 1 Price Set at Bonhams Auction

Well, my prediction that the Apple 1 in today’s Bonhams auction would sell near the low estimate was wrong. It sold for $905,000 including buyer’s premium. This beats the $671,000 sale of an Apple 1 at a German auction in May 2013 by roughly 26%. High-end collectibles is a funny business, sometimes driven by serious […]

Apple 1 Might Not Be the Most Interesting Item at Bonham’s History of Science Auction

Auction house Bonhams has assembled an impressive collection of historically significant items related to science and technology for its October 22 History of Science auction in New York City. One of the highlights is a rather complete and working Apple 1 setup that includes the motherboard, keyboard, monitor, and power supply. With a pre-auction estimate of […]

DEC PDP-8 “Straight 8” May or May Not Have Sold for 5-Figure Sum

The seller of a DEC PDP-8 on eBay recently updated the description to say that he has accepted an offer near his asking price of $18,000, pending receipt of funds. The “straight 8” is perhaps the most sought-after DEC model among collectors, and very few (if any) have been publicly sold. Assuming the accepted offer is somewhere between […]